Yesyerday PBL3 had it´second webmeeting on Adobe Connect. This time it went real well and we discussed around things like the webseminar with Sara Mörtsell and the literacy for this topic. We all decided that we should put together a video where each one of us give a suggestion to a young student on how to get started and used to work with digital tools for his/her schoolwork. My suggestion to the student is that you could make video presentations on your schoolwork. Upload the video on YouTube and send the link to the teacher. It´s a fun and creative way to learn!
The result is yet to be edited together;) 


  1. Great that your meeting went on well! it will be interesting to follow your coming work!

    1. Thanks Ulf! Yes, the course is great and we do our best to collaborate. Great stuff this course has and many interesting speakers on the webinars!


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