End of the beginning

Now this course is heading to it´s end and I must say that it has been fun and exitement weeks working with all of you. So many great stuff has been published which gives a lot of inspiration to explore my own digital resources for online learning tomorrow.  
Especially I liked the topics on course design and the one around open learning. Found a great blog where Monica Löv puts the light on Gilly Salmons The 5 Step Model (https://lovmonix.wordpress.com/2017/11/30/building-a-scaffold-instructing-and-giving-feedback/ ) which I recommend you all to read.  
Talking about OER and copyright I also found a great link to a university in Glasgow where they had made a perfect advisor tool for teachers that showed what they could publish or not without ”breaking the law”. Here´s the link to The GCU UK Copyright advisor: http://edshare.gcu.ac.uk/3173/2/index.html  
It´s brilliant and I will certainly produce a version on this idea for the university where I work at under Swedish terms.  

I really hope Creative Commons  and open science will grow which I hope will effect the digital circumstances for higher education to collaborate and develop science further. It´s only for good reasons and I find these fileds both important and stimulating to work further on. With a quote from Frank Zappa I´m sure I will find a stimulating development with my further digital work for education,  

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.”   



  1. Thank you Urban for you nice comment on my blog. I'm so happy to hear you liked it! :)
    I will now take the opportunity to thank you for sharing so much information on a topic i was not that familiar with - creative commons. I have had so much use of the videos on Webbstjärnan (https://www.webbstjarnan.se/blogg/ny-film-hur-anvander-man-creative-commons/) - very good video if you understand Swedish.
    It has been a pleasure getting to know you - and I know I will turn to you if I in the future run into copyright questions ;)
    All the best to you! TACK!

    1. Thank you Monica and good luck! We´ll keep in touch!

  2. Thanks for showing the nice tool. If you translate it - can we use it on a ceul resource page and add a link to additional library information? Or add a link to the tool at the ceul resource page?

    1. Thanks for your notice and of course we can work it out under swedish curcumstances. First I have to check some important matters... We´ll keep in touch, Ulf!


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