Visar inlägg från oktober, 2017

Hip Hip Hurray for CC!!

These two weeks on ONL172 has been real great fun! It has dealed with open learning and sharing digital literacy and I find that this is the most interesting with this course, so far;) As we all know there are several multiways to produce digital material today but many of us don´t know how to publish and if they do many others don´t know what rules and regulations there are for publishing learning objects legally. These two weeks has focused on this and the great idea of CC license (Creative Commons license) has really taken me away. Creative Commons is just a brilliant solution to make things happen in the field of spreading and explore knowledge. I hope Creative Commons will grow and make publishing easier within the filed of science and education. Please join Creative Commons and share there ideas to others!
Yesyerday PBL3 had it´second webmeeting on Adobe Connect. This time it went real well and we discussed around things like the webseminar with Sara Mörtsell and the literacy for this topic. We all decided that we should put together a video where each one of us give a suggestion to a young student on how to get started and used to work with digital tools for his/her schoolwork. My suggestion to the student is that you could make video presentations on your schoolwork. Upload the video on YouTube and send the link to the teacher. It´s a fun and creative way to learn! The result is yet to be edited together;) 
PBL3 had it´s first webmeeting for Topic 1 yesterday and it didn´t turn out well. First there was a bit of a technical problems for a few members. Then our discussions didn´t went on smoothly. In lack of a strategic plan and focused questions the discussions turned into a sort of collapse. After a while no one had anything to say and I got stressed. Maybe that´s the point but I didn´t like it. Me and Maria U. was "leader" for this meeting and both of us had prepared for it. I had prepared questions for the meeting but I was to dizzy in my thoughts during the meeting that I couldn´t bring them up. After the meeting I really felt like shit. Even though I´ve tried to prepare my ideas around the FISh-model I couldn´t fit in the scenario for us to discuss. Some sort of a collapse while on Adobe Connect. I really liked the videos that was given to us for this topic. David White´s two videos,  Visitors and residents (part 1)  and  Visitors and residents – Credibility (part 2) , ar